Pilates Teacher Training / Workshops

In partnership with Pure Body Teacher Training, we are thrilled to be offering comprehensive teacher training and workshops starting in April 2021.
Pure Body Teacher Training is a very comprehensive teacher training program. As such, our students and graduates are prepared for nearly any situation that might arise in a Pilates studio. It takes about one year to complete a course. That said, often our students have full-time jobs or other time constraints, in which case they are welcome to take longer to finish their program.  Many of our students are working as apprentice teachers while completing their hours.

Required:  600 hours of combined observation, student teaching and practice.  Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 at a college level or equivalent before the practicum.

Foundations: April 10-11, 24-25 (virtual)
Mat I: May 15-16, 22-23 (virtual)
Mat II: June 12-13, 19-20 (virtual)
Reformer I: Sept 10-12
Apparatus I: Oct 15-17
Reformer II: Dec 3-5
Apparatus II: Jan 28-30, 2022
Apparatus III: Feb 25-27, 2022
Reformer III: Apr 1-3, 2022

Full Payment: $6300
Payment Plan (student loan):
$525 for 12 months

The Pure Body Teacher Training program provides a full 360 degree approach to the method and the industry- not only will you learn how to teach pilates on all of the equipment but you’ll also learn how to navigate the actual business of working as a pilates instructor to build a successful, fulfilling career. We have classical roots but also a deep appreciation for critical thinking and contemporary variations. You’ll learn how to teach to any and all client levels, including how to work with pathologies of all kinds (osteoporosis, scoliosis, etc) so you’ll be prepared for any situation that could come up as a new teacher. Graduates from our program are sought-after and praised for their thorough understanding of the method and ability to skillfully teach effective and enjoyable group and private lessons.We know that choosing your movement education partner is an important process (and a big investment!) and we think you should know who you are about to be in a career building relationship with. We’re a group of dedicated, passionate Pilates professionals who are drawn to this program for all the solutions it brings to our students and our industry. We are here because of how much we love the method and training the next generation of thoughtful, kind, competent pilates instructors is the best way to ensure this life-changing movement system continues to help more people live pain-free, healthy lives .

We don’t pick sides (clearly!) except for yours - and we want you to hirable anywhere.  

Ashley Chubrik, faculty at Pure Body Teacher Training discovered Pilates while rehabilitating a running injury in college. After completing a BA in Counseling Psychology, she turned her passion for the practice into teaching and sharing the method with others. She completed over 500 hours in training for her initial comprehensive certification with Ellie Herman Studios in Oakland, CA. Since then she has completed an additional Comprehensive Certification through Balanced Body and continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics, and the latest pilates science by attending workshops and seminars throughout the country. She believes Pilates is for everyone - whether you are an elite athlete, recovering from an injury, or anything in between, Pilates will help you live your best life.

Stay tuned for more teacher training and workshops!